First Day of School Reminders

Online Calendar

The 2019-2020 Preschool at Trinity Calendar has been finalized and published! You can download a copy below. The calendar and individual classroom calendars (which will include snack, show and share, and event schedules) are also always available on our website at Please bookmark our website! This will be an excellent way for you to stay current with all of the news from the preschool.

Show & Share

On the first day of school your child is asked to bring a toy, picture, sand toy, swimsuit, baseball, souvenir, map, book… something that would tell us about something they did this summer.

Required Forms

Please contact Mrs. Christensen if you have a question about what forms you are missing. Immunization forms need to be in by or on the first day of class. Health Care Summary forms are needed within the first 30 days.

Butterfly Day- Guests Welcome!

We will have a special guest visiting with butterflies during the first week of school!

Yellow Class (MWF AM)- Sept. 6 at 9 am

Red Class (MWF PM) – Sept. 6 at 1 pm

Purple Class (T/TH AM)- Sept. 5 at 9 am

Classroom Snacks

Please check the online calendar to see when it is your turn to provide snacks. The school will provide snack the first week. All snacks must be prepackaged, “store bought,” and nutritious. The snack and drink together must include two food groups. Food groups include dairy, fruits/vegetables, meat/protein, and grains. If you bring fresh fruit or vegetable, the teachers can prep them as needed.

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