Preschoolers Scheduled to Sing at Trinity

Preschool at Trinity students will share music at the beginning of Trinity‚Äôs worship service on January 27th at 9:00 am. This special Sunday is our opportunity for the preschool children and parent and Trinity’s congregation to celebrate their relationship. Children should arrive in the classroom at 8:45 am that morning. We will walk together to the sanctuary to participate in opening music for the service at 9:00 am. After they sing, children will sit with parents. We realize that some of you have commitments at your home churches on Sunday mornings and understand if you cannot attend, but if possible join us at Trinity for our celebration on Sunday, January 27th. Following church we will have coffee and treats followed by Sunday School for children and adults at 10:30 am that you are more than welcome to stay for! Thank you!

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