Trunk ‘r’ Treat

Preschool at Trinity is hosting a Trunk ‘r’ Treat event on Saturday, October 31st from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

What is Trunk ‘r’ Treat, you may be asking?

It’s when several families get together at the church/school, park their cars in the parking lot, open up the trunks of their cars, and kids come around to each car to Trunk ‘r’ Treat instead of going house to house to Trick-or-Treat. This is a great option for families with younger children or kids who would rather not go door to door.

TRUNKS NEEDED: Park your car, pop the trunk and fill it up with lots of junk. Candy treats- bring it all- so kids can have a ball!

Call/text Karma S. to reserve your parking space- 218-770-2032.
Cars/Volunteers please arrive by 3:00 pm.

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